Ultimul episod – 8×22 – Everybody Dies

Postat de Adype 23 May 2012

Eh…Si a fost si ultimul episod, cu un final foarte bun as zice, care nu a fost nici happy ending, dar nici dezastru. Din punctul meu de vedere s-a terminat perfect. Eu nu voi spune mai mult, e multa lume care cred ca nu l-a vazut inca, deci pentru discutii va invit la comentarii.


Puteti vizualiza episodul aici:


Mâine sper că voi avea timp să pun câteva clarificări și interviuri legate de sfârșitul serialului.

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  1. nemo says:

    if I am right, I think this is one of the most epic, subversive and disturbing endings. I am willing to bet David would confirm: SPOILER ALERT!!

    I think there are several clues that point out to a non apparent take on the finale, but well in the style of the show: house actually dies, and wilson, having the cancer and all, hallucinates House being still alive! I know…
    -you can clearly see house being engulfed by the flames, having no time or the means (no cane) to escape.
    -the weird phone (that was supposed to be off) message during a very unnatural rant at the funeral
    -simply finding house where wilson went. escaping through the back, switching dentals, although improbable feats, wilson accepts the explanations. (he creates a scenario that would fit house, to rationalize his being real)
    -house still has no cane
    -the way he says, “when the cancer starts getting really bad..” (with that distancing language, almost personified)
    *the only cramp in my argument is foreman finding his IDcard under the table

    tell me what you think! would it not be epic if it were true? (wish i could ask david..)

  2. nobody says:

    I noticed that the cane is missing too, interesting deduction but david already had an interview

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